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  1. work clothes

    Well I think like most work from home people clothes are usually comfy and practical, no fashion parade : ) 

    I tend to get quite cold even in the summer sitting working. My clothes are usually warm, I wear layers that go on and off though out the day. I am big fan of bodywarmers they are super warm! 
    Whilst at the key board I wear fingerless gloves they help stop my fingers freezing off! Thick socks are a must to my feet soon go cold...

  2. nellie-Mockup2

    In instagram Use the tag #yourpetsastar for your pet to have a chance to be a STAR!

    Once a week I will check through the #yourpetsastar tags and choose one at random to be a STAR for the week & will be added my growing pet portrait greeting card range...

    Your pet could make it to the shelves of lovley gift shops as cards & other gift items... If you think your pet is the perfect STAR then tag your photos with #yourpetsastar.

    You will also have the chance to buy a signed print of your own pet STAR!

    I cant wait to get started this is going to be such a fun project!


    My simple style of posting is a clean white envelope printed with customers address & return address. 
    I want my greeting cards to arrive in perfect condition I always print do not bend on the envelope. 
    Keeping it simple keeps the costs down on posting, customers don't really want to be paying over the odds for to fancy packaging, also good for the environment to keep packing waste to minimum.

    I do enjoy walking to the post box and putting a handful of envelopes into the post box, I always have a second check through to make sure they all have stamps on!! 

    sell image 2